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Swim Lesson Prices

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a lesson.

UWCSEA International School Dover

Sunday morning classes

Parent & Child / Learn to Swim / Stroke Development
(All classes have water safety - Swim and Survive)

Swimming Groups

Beginner - 30min classes - $33*
Intermediate - 45min classes - $36.30*
Advanced - 1hr classes - $38.50*

-SJ Swimmers provide 

-1 Make up lesson per term for full term payment up front

-Your first class with us is a free trial

-UWCSEA students will be given a discount 

Please contact us for T&C
Swim class information
Our Infant, Toddler and Pre School program is designed to stimulate and develop the far and near senses as well as cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.  Most importantly, we aim to provide a positive experience for all our participants.
Infants, Toddlers & Pre Schoolers

0-6 Months


Stimulating the Senses

Your little one's first swimming lesson begins with a warm bath at home with mum and dad. Experiencing the water in a safe and loving environment will help your baby get used to the sensation of the water around their body.

4-8 Months

Group 35.png

Sensory Exploration

This is the perfect age to begin introducing children to the pool.
The aim of these sessions are to help your child enjoy the water environment as well as learn to submerge your little one without them ingesting the pool water! Parents will also learn a few other skills to practice at home in your pool or bath to help in conditioning your child with submergence and water familiarity.

Water Familiarization & Safety Skills

By this stage of their water learning journey, children should be comfortable in the water and have better breath control. These sessions will encourage children to become more independent and interactive in the water. Your child will also start to become more mobile and want to explore the water through play; kicking, splashing and reaching for toys. Instructors will also introduce basic safety skills such as reaching out to grab the wall or their parent.

6-12 Months

1-2 Years


Water Play, Mobility & Safety Skills

These sessions will encourage your child to become increasingly independent, as they focus on developing kicking and paddling skills as their coordination improves. Children are more mobile and eager to explore the environment and interact with their friends; our qualified instructors will extend on water safety skills, such as turning your child back to the wall and learning to respect the water environment.

Water Confidence and Safety Skills

2-2.5 Years

Children are typically by this stage quite confident in the water; these sessions work further on developing breath control and developing arm and leg action so children learn to propel themselves through the water. Children and parents will also engage in numerous playful activities in and around the pool, such as walking, wading and jumping to foster an understanding of a child's sense of balance and gain greater independence.
We use playful activities and games for the novices as children learn faster when they are having fun, and as swimmers progress through our levels we focus on SJ Swimmers SWIM BEST core skills and drills required to allow correct stroke development and increase their swimming distances.  This is done through providing a dynamic and creative learning environment that encourages student’s natural curiosity to explore the water and grasp some of the more complex swim and survival elements of the aquatic environment with Royal Life Saving Australia.  
Children of this age group are able to accept and understand the concept of water. This next stage of sessions will reinforce and develop the basic skills children will need to go on to develop full swimming strokes.

Water Independants & Safety Skills


2.5- 3.5 Years

      Learn to Swim 

Swim 3 Metres +

SWIM BEST ~ RED STAR ~  Stroke FUNdamentals   

SWIM & SURVIVE ~ Wonder / Courage 1,2, 3 & 4 / Active D1 & 1


The introduction of the base FUNdamental skills & cues.  Building on a base of water awareness, confidence & familiarisation.    

The mindful orientation of the Learner in & around the water with the support of pool rules & water safety.  

The discovery of air-control, buoyancy & body movement aimed towards Stroke FOUNDations. 

The presentation of the ‘Swimming & Essential Water Skills’ in a natural ‘play way’ approach.  With the learner generally reliant on swim aids to achieve an all-round level of competency.

Dive into the ‘5’ >>> The use of ‘Sensory Tuning’ for Learner connection & discovery of the aquatic space. 

Swim 5 Metres +

SWIM BEST ~ BLUE STAR ~  Stroke FOUNDations  

SWIM & SURVIVE ~ Courage 5 / Active D2


The development of the base FOUNDation skills with the Learner able to perform on cue.

The further development of water wellbeing & enhancement of past aquatic experiences with the understanding of pool rules & water safety.               

The exploration of air-control, buoyancy, balance & body movement aimed towards Stroke READYness.                                            


The eager demonstration of the approved ‘Swimming & Essential Water Skills’.   For the Learner instruction in ‘how to swim’ & cope in deep water situations.


Dive into the ‘5’ >>> The use of ‘Sensory Tuning’ for Learner exploration & propulsion into the aquatic space.                                             


SWIM & SURVIVE ~ Active 2


The instruction of the Learner in the undeveloped swim & survive styles with the concepts of momentum in the water.

Exposure to the ideals of safety consciousness around all water environments.                                                


The improvement of air-control, buoyancy, balance, body mechanics & co-ordination aimed towards Stroke IMPROVEment.

The confident demonstration in tackling the prescribed ‘Swimming & Essential Water Skills’.  With the Learner focused on progressive stroke drills & skills.


Dive into the ‘5’ >>> The use of ‘Sensory Tuning’ for Learner total submersioninto the aquatic space.


GREEN STAR ~  Stroke IMPROVEment  

SWIM & SURVIVE ~ Active 3D


The ability of the Learner to swim in a recognised fashion, in both stroking & survival styles.

The further development of existing motor skills to enable the Learner to swim greater distances technically correct.

The revision of air-control, buoyancy, balance, body mechanics & co-ordination aimed towards Stroke DEVELOPment.

The introduction of competitive ‘Swimming Skills’ & advanced ‘Essential Water Skills’.  With the Learner focused on the growth of progressive stroke drills & skills.

Dive into the ‘5’ >>> The use of ‘Sensory Tuning’ for Learner total awareness in the aquatic space.

Swim 10 Metres +


Swim 15 Metres +

Development Swimming  

Our program then offers different possibilities for the developing swimmer. This caters to a wide range of ages, abilities and the desires of the swimmer.Development levels are a natural continuation from our learn to swim levels. This group promotes survival skills, stroke development to consolidate all four strokes and introduction of racing-based drills and skills.  This suits the swimmer who may thrive in a smaller group situation who may not as yet have the desire to be a competitive swimmer, but also acts as a stepping stone into the school squad.

Swim 25 Metres +

Training Group>>> GOLD STAR ~  Stroke PERFORMance

SWIM & SURVIVE ~ Junior / Senior

The application of training principles to further develop endurance to enable the Candidate to swim first complete a fixed 600m swim then further develop to perform a 1200m preset swim.

Improved stroke efficiency in the competition strokes & the survival strokes.

Develop & improve race dive techniques, competitive streamlining & turns.

A stopwatch time taken to swim 600m* or/ 1200m* using all swim & survive strokes, as well as the aggregated personal best times recorded over 50m in each of the competition strokes.  Those results are measured against a table of standard times as an indication of further developed technical skills & fitness.  *All Candidates will be challenged to complete both the 600m & 1200m swims.  The distance attempted is dependent on the progression of each individual student*


SWIM & SURVIVE ~ Active 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7


The continued extension of the water safety & survival content of the program. 

The further development of stroke skills & drills towards advanced standards & techniques,

The fine-tuning of air-control, buoyancy, balance, body mechanics & co-ordination aimed towards stroke refinement.

The review & practice of the competitive ‘Swimming Skills’ & advanced ‘Essential Water Skills’.  With the Learner focused on becoming an all-round Swimmer in the sport.  

Dive into the ‘5’ >>> The use of ‘Sensory Tuning’ for Learner total immersion into the aquatic space.


UWCSEA DOVER - Teens Start to Swim

CAS UWC Boarder Activity:

This is a highly rewarding, fun activity that hits CREATIVITY for the peer coaches (leadership) and of course ACTION/ACTIVITY for those learning to swim.   

School Swim & Survive Activites

SJ Swimmers can provide Swim & Survive Programs

Learning Skills for Life!

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