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CPR and First Aid Courses

SJ Swimmers is a training center for American Safety and Health Institute

You Can Save A Life!

American Safety and Health Institute CPR and Basic First Aid course gives you the skills to perform CPR on a person who is unconscious and not breathing normally.

Each session covers how to recognise an emergency, what to do to protect yourself and others, and how to activate and use an "Emergency Action Plan."

Assessment is through a combination of practical first aid activities, evaluation and an online test. Participants who complete the online course work and are able to independently demonstrate the skills receive certification valid for 2 years.

CPR is short for "cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. This is the skill used to help anyone who is not breathing and shows no sign of life.

Choking occurs when a person can no longer cough, speak or breath. This life-threatening breathing emergency requires immediate care.

AED stands for "automated external defibrillator." This is the device that gives an electrical shock to help restart the heart of the victim of cardiac arrest.


First Aid teaches emergency care for severe bleeding, broken bones, injuries to muscles and soft tissue, burns, poisoning/allergic reactions, animal bites and stings, sudden illness and extreme heat or cold. 

Course Information

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a lesson.

Certification Course

CPR, AED and Basic First Aid

All Ages

NEW Combination 1: 

Remote Skills Verification (RSV)

RSV with blended online study with flexible and remote skills practice verification guided by an authorised instructor.

Combination 2: 

Blended online study with onsite skills practice and evaluation with an authorised Instructor.

Online Study  

(approx) 2-3 hours

On Site Skill Practice and Evaluation

(approx) 3-4 hours with a maximum group of 10 per instructor.

RSV Skill Practice and Verification  

(approx) 2 hour with a small group of 3 per session 

Audit Course

CPR, AED and Basic First Aid

All Ages

This non-certification course covers all the essential information and skills but no testing!

The Audit Course can be run in one session of four hours or 2 sessions of 2 hours each. This course covers the same information as the certification course but there are no skill requirements and no written exams.

Participation certificates are given to all who attend.

Call and arrange a course for your group.

Min 4 people - my location

Min 6 people - your location

Larger groups can be accommodated

Course Prices
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